Your Friendly Neighborhood Mod (emerald_mod) wrote,
Your Friendly Neighborhood Mod

Notable NPCs in 'Emerald Facets'

The Elders of the Caern of the Mother's Open Hands

Nalani Mends-the-Rifts: Adren Child of Gaia Philodox
Minoru Izanagi's-Favored: Steel-Rank Kitsune kataribe
Njall Andersen: Neocornix Corax
Anippe Swims-Against-the-Tide: Setting Sun ("Warding") of the Mokolé-mbembe

The Lightning-Strikes-from-Clear-Skies sentai

Kentaro "Sings-of-the-Past" Inuyama: Hakken Moon Dancer, Lantern
Saki "Listens-to-Wind" Matsushita: Tengu, Leaf
Ikki "Strikes-Like-Flames" Ohtori: Khan Bastet, Fist
Shun "Holds-the-Center" Ohtori: Kitsune, Pillar
Tokiko "Blessed-of-Umi" Tanaka: Zhong Lung, Mirror
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