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Your Friendly Neighborhood Mod [userpic]

Our Heroes - The Player Characters of 'Emerald Facets'

July 16th, 2006 (12:15 pm)

Andreu "Healing~Hands" Blackman: Gurahl, Arcas of the Forest Walkers
Maya "Makes-Hearts-Weep" McCallahan: Fianna Moon Dancer - Player on leave of absence
Jacob "Itchy Kachina" Meddon: Uktena Philodox
Nose-in-Something: Glass Walker Moon Dancer - Player on leave of absence
Matthew Daisuke Oda: Rokea
Diana "Rides-the-Storm" Ravenswood: Black Fury Moon Dancer
Reads-Street-Sign: Bone Gnawer Philodox
Chari Roberts: Corax
Lani "Voice-of-the-Wind" Tauai: Child of Gaia Theurge
Lakshmi Visvanathan: Bagheerha Bastet
Nelli Walker: Bastet